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Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd
Allschwil-Basel, SWITZERLAND

The Basilea Village - Togetherness becomes a design concept.

The move to an open-space office provides Basilea with the opportunity to communicate more quickly and work more closely and efficiently as a team. This significant change in the way we work, this new 
togetherness, was the source of inspiration for the interior design and the creation of the Basilea Village. 
A village is a functioning organism in which everyone works together. The community brings the village to life.
Trust, responsibility, interaction, communication are qualities that characterize life in the village.
Basilea Village is not just an office, but also a place of gathering, and a place for and with different working

Area 2,800 SQM
Status: Built
Main Consultants: APCK! Studio  -  créateurs d'architectures s.à r.l.  -  raumtextur GmbH

APCK! studio

Bubenbergplatz 10-12, 3008 BERN
Im Sihlhof 43, 8134 Adliswil ZURICH
+41 44 516 76 88
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