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Clamity Atelier
Arte Sella, ITALY

Architecture is often a response to the past, leading to a vision for the future that can be experienced in the present. All that has taken place in the past leaves a heavy residue in built environment; the textures change, the colours fade, the materials chip. Humans leave their marks, not to mention the effects of nature. Nature gives life but takes life too, slowly but surely. With its periodic cycles of devastating ebbs and flows of creation and destruction, it continues to challenge architecture to respond. An architectural position can only be ascertained after feeling the pain from the remnants of the past and building on the promise of a future that nature can, once again, start to gnaw on, to once again claim as one of its own, without first leaving its own moment of memory for the next future to be built on. This is how we have approached the project.

Area 1800 SQM
Status: Proposal/Honorary Mention
Main Consultants: APCK! Studio

APCK! studio

Bubenbergplatz 10-12, 3008 BERN
Im Sihlhof 43, 8134 Adliswil ZURICH
+41 44 516 76 88
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