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D-4 Commercial,   
Karachi, Pakistan

The Shards: Adopting a different approach than main stream low-rise proposals, the focus is on creating a series of linear towers to keep the ground level clear for pedestrian movement. The tall towers directly rise up high into the sky, twisting in different directions to allow clear views and air circulation for its surrounding buildings, ensuring adequate light and unobstructed views. By keeping the towers thin and tall, the resultant free flowing pedestrian-friendly ground plane makes for a very different shopping and f&b experience. The activated piazzas create a long and uninterrupted walking experience connecting all the towers to form a landscape reminiscent of crystalline rock formations protruding out of the ground.

Area 33,500 X 3 SQM
Status: Competition Proposal
Main Consultants: APCK! Studio

APCK! studio

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