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Montenegro Pavilion DXB 2020 Proposal
Dubai, UAE

The pavilion of Montenegro triggers a curious sense of enchantment within the viewer from afar; tiny specks of light that appear to be growing up and into the pavilion are held in what appears to initially be a dense network of branches but the visitor, now within the vicinity of the pavilion apprehends the growing tree as an intricate and delicate aggregated structure.

Upon scrutiny he sees that the specks of lights are not bulbs or anything of the like, rather, they seem to have edges and are suspended within what seems to be an exact cube. Adjacent, top and bottom are similar cubes and Aha! The tree is comprised of cube modules and it appears to be holding a small fruit.

The visitor investigates and he is great proximity with the tree now. It has become apparent that the glowing fruit is a small piece of Montenegro, locked in place; a slide with amazing information about its history. There are thousands of slides; the visitor is excited to see if they all are the same but they are not, rather, each is unique in the information it provides.

All of a sudden some slides go blank and a few only remain lit. The questioning visitor gravitates towards them and now realizes a theme; they all display the fascinating ecosystems of Montenegro. They stay awhile and then go blank whilst another portion lights up, they now display in unision the proud peaks of Montenegro.

The viewer leaves the pavilion, he is sad to go but his head buzzing with incredible information to reflect on and remember about this exquisite Balkan country.

Area 430 SQM
Status: Proposal
Main Consultants: APCK! Studio

APCK! studio

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