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Rwanda Chapel
Rukomo, Rwanda

The rolling green hills give way, albeit through a narrow winding path, to the top where a structure awaits the pilgrims. The sun beats down harsh and hot, the rain falls down thick and wet, all the nature`s elements forming an unsaid pact to ensure commitment from the other side. People come in troves; some walking some with their bicycles, some on their animals. Singular purpose that fulfills their hearts is the will to reach the summit, where their connection to spirituality awaits. The chapel of “Veils” on the green hill of Rukomo. Enroute lie hundreds of bamboo structures that give refuge to the community, and also a sense of unity and connection . The chapel design communicates a stark absence of architectural design; perhaps using the aid of natural elements to create architecture that changes all the time or creating something that cannot be described in drawing by involving the locals into the construction of their pavilions.

The Three Concentric Rings- A Spatial Narrative
1-The outer ring- Activity: The approach towards the top of the hill is where the “activity” zone is imagined. Sitting areas, family retreat shading structures, water wells; essentially where the whole community comes together, independent of race or religion.

2-The inner ring – Spirituality: The second zone is named “Spirituality”- Contemplation courtyards, water features, grove of trees; this is where the visitors can go through curated experiences towards spirituality as they draw nearer towards the religious core.

3-The core – Religion: At the center of the activities lie the Chapel- the chapel of “Revealing Veils”. The simple structure is devoid of any unnecessary embellishments, a functional pavilion that open ups to allow people, light, air and elements into the sacred space, made sacred only by the combination of elements within it.

Area 1800 SQM
Status: Proposal/Honorary Mention
Main Consultants: APCK! Studio

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